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等边角钢的两个边宽相等。其规格以边宽×边宽×边厚的毫米数表示。如“∠30×30×3”,即表示边宽为30毫米、边厚为3毫米的等边角钢。也可用型号表示,型号是边宽的厘米数,如∠3#。型号不表示同一型号中不同边厚的尺寸,因而在合同等单据上将角钢的边宽、边厚尺寸填写齐全,避免单独用型号表示。热轧等边角钢的规格为2#-20#。角钢俗称角铁、是两边互相垂直成角形的长条钢材。有等边角钢和不等边角钢之分。结构钢是一种用于制造许多不同形状的建筑材料的钢。角钢重量表是一个非常重要的工具,因为角钢在诸如工程,建筑,制造等各个行业中广泛使用,最重要的是,它们被用作钢结构件。角钢一般都是90度的,常用尺寸有3*3、4*4、5*5、6*6、8*8、10*10,同一种尺寸有国标和非标之分,同一尺寸可根据需要选择对应厚度的。另外,其他角度使用量较少,一般需要定做。The two sides of equal marginal steel have equal width.The specifications are expressed as the number of mm of edge wide edge wide edge thickness.For example, in "30303", it means the edge width of 30 mm and the edge thickness of 3 mm.It can also be expressed as the model, the model is the number of centimeters edge wide, such as 3 #.The model does not indicate the dimensions of different side thickness in the same model, so the side width and thickness of corner steel are fully filled in the contract and other documents, to avoid the model separately.The specification of hot rolled steel is 2 # -20 #.Angle steel, commonly known as Angle iron, is both sides of the vertical angular shape of the long steel.There are equal corner steel and unequal corner steel.Structural steel is a type of steel used to make many building materials of different shapes.angle steel weight meter is a very important tool because angle steel is widely used in various industries such as engineering, construction,manufacturing, and most importantly, they are used as steel structural parts.Angle steel is generally 90 degrees, the commonly used size has 3 * 3,4 * 4,5 * 5,6 * 6,8 * 8,10 * 10, the same size has the national standard and non-standard points, the same size can choose the corresponding thickness according to the need.In addition, other Angle use is less, generally need to be customized.

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